Spontaneity and Adventure

Take a stroll on the wild side. Try something new. This is your day to be spontaneous and reckless! The Sky is the limit! Our professional manicurists will treat you to an experience of adventure and intrigue. Shock your friends and family with a design that they would have never expected from you! Be courageous... Continue Reading →


Creativity and Imagination

There is no limit to the ideas for you're design and how you want to display your new manicure. If you are looking for ideas, our professionals are a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you can dream it up, they can do it. If you are open to bold new ideas with striking colors... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the luxury

Luxurious pampering of a highly skilled manicurists can make your day... no, can make your whole week blossom into a beautiful thing. The attention that your nails get when they are professionally done gives you a great feeling of confidence and pride. Don't wait another moment! Make your appointment today. Make this time your time,... Continue Reading →

Rent this whole Website!

Do you do manicures in Kona? Imagine having "KonaManicure.com" on business cards, brochures and signs. Imagine sharing "KonaManicure.com" to friends, family, colleagues and customers in emails and social media. Imagine having yourĀ email address as "you@KonaManicure.com". People won't believe it. They'll ask; "How in the heck did you get that website?!?!" If you own a manicure... Continue Reading →

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