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perfect nails

Do you do manicures in Kona? Imagine having “” on business cards, brochures and signs. Imagine sharing “” to friends, family, colleagues and customers in emails and social media. Imagine having your email address as “”. People won’t believe it. They’ll ask; “How in the heck did you get that website?!?!”Manicure Kailua Kona Hawaii

If you own a manicure business in Kailua Kona, Hawaii you know how expensive it is to have an existing location. The thought of expanding to additional location for “exposure” can seem impossible. Your expenses for each physical location includes rent, electricity, water, trash, signage, receptionist and the big one, advertising.

Imagine expanding your business to an additional location with expenses topping $200 per month? Sounds impossible doesn’t it?


Well now it is possible. is now making it possible to have an excellent domain name and a beautiful website. Having one website is paramount to advertising. Having two websites is like having another business location bringing new leads in everyday! (This “whole” website) is for rent! All ads will be removed, We will modify it to your business name, your pictures, your price lists, your contact information. Try it out for a month. See how how “” rolls off your tongue when you tell people about your new website. See how it looks on your business cards, brochures, emails and Social Media.


Call (808) 640-0072 to reserve this site for you right away! With $200 down and $200 each month you can rent for as long as want. There is no commitment to continue past the first month! We are so confident that you will be so proud of your new domain name and website, you won’t want to leave us!


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